Derby entry comments for Derby #527: Warning Signs

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U made a big mistaek, hooman.


Dedicated to my old pal ignorant.

This only works if you wear it on your body, not if you use it as a pillow case (unless you have a very uncomfortable pillow full of bones).

You know, they’re cute and all, but use caution!

This was a fun concept to bring to life. :slight_smile:

Confession time- I made this shirt for me. Sometimes I need the warning of DEATH to stay motivated…

Dad: What’s this on your head?
Me: What?
Dad: It’s a brainsucker. What’s he doing?
Me: What?
Dad: Starving!!!

Thanks, dad.

The ONLY thing sharp about me is my wit.

RIP Ignorant

Love this! …and it’s one of my favorite fonts of all time!

This is the greatest! Good job!

Thank you so much!

For anyone looking closely, yes, there is a typo on the comp. It’ll be fixed before printing.
But if you’re looking that closely, you have bigger problems on your hands, due to my fiery temper, sharp wit, etc.

I’ll assume your title was poorly dubbed in post. :wink:

Yeah sadly it wouldn’t let me go with the obvious real title. Stupid censors.

To me the real stars of Episode 7, the guys who knew when to walk away.


A left, and then just straight on through!

Inspired by Google’s definition

this is good!