Derby entry comments for Derby #53: Double-Take Derby #2

Comments for individual derby entries are placed in this thread.

The Energizing Bunnies were originally submitted in the Energy derby.

  1. Coffee is an energizing drink.
  2. Bunnies are energetic animals.
  3. The steam indicates the transfer of heat energy.
  4. Love is a powerful emotion that can give you much energy.
  5. You might also call these guys Energizer Bunnies. :wink:

I really enjoyed making this design, in particular playing with the green hues around the glass of coffee-pot bunny. Notice the distortion from the glass. :slight_smile:

An Acme Arsenal was originally submitted in the Alphabet derby.

ACME is the American Company that Makes Everything. Literally.

Though best known for its use by Wile E. Coyote, ACME is actually a generic company that is used in many different places in order to avoid using the name of a real company (which may open the way for lawsuits).

This design is comprised of 26 different items, one for each letter of the alphabet. If you’re like Wile E. Coyote, I’m sure you could figure out a way to use each of them to catch that darned roadrunner.

These items are inspired by ACME products as I remember them from Saturday morning cartoons. A few of them have actually been used.

Some of these items could be taken as references to other things. There’s one reference to Pokemon, for instance. Two other items could be seen as references to xkcd and McGyver. :wink:

Thanks Woot for including me in the do-over derby. I know folks weren’t thrilled with the pixel derby, but I hope you’ll still consider voting for this one. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Don’t get me wrong… I think this is funny… But isn’t this Woot related?

Back and as EPIC as before!

This shirt must be printed. VOTE FOR IT!

Well, maybe it means derby as in hat?

This shirt needs to be printed, also! Please VOTE FOR IT!

I like this shirt… I don’t like black.

Here’s a shirt comp on Cho’s awesome template:

And here’s the ACME catalogue, in case someone gets stuck.

SPOILER ALERT you should try to figure them out on your own!

Bumblebee in a Bottle
Egg baby
Invisible something
Lolcat (originally Lynx, but I realized afterwards that I gave it the wrong tail)
Paperclip (reference to McGyver?)
Toaster (and Toast)
Velociraptor (reference to xkcd?)
Xray glasses
Yellow trout (for slapping)
Zap cannon (Pokemon reference!)

Interesting that 2 of the shirts in the fog right now would work as resubs for next week’s derby as well…

Absolutely hilarious design KidGrenouille. Can’t believe it didn’t pull through in the Canada derby. Good luck.

hurrah for Whumpa!

Maybe they’ll get printed THIS week, I’m really sick of resubs in the regular derby.

tgentry has mentioned before how he’ll only ever resub an entry once, and in the Old West main derby thread he said he won’t be resubbing it because there’s nothing he would change with the design. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cho had a similar one-resub rule for himself. :slight_smile:

This shirt must win. I stand by my opinion that it is one of the best shirts ever designed along with Cho’s Comparative Design and the zombie shirts. FIRST PLACE WINNER RIGHT HERE!!! I need it.

I look forward to seeing this go down in flames once again

I’d like to see this shirt printed so I can be the big hit at Sea Camp! (I go once a year as a chaperone for the school I work for.)