Derby entry comments for Derby #536: You'll Pay For That

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Mess with an elephant… there will be a price to pay.


This is a self portrait of me with my son. I’m the tree. :confused:

Collab with fishbiscuit5! Thanks!

You’ll get it when you get it! Stop calling me!



haha! love it.

Your binge tax is going up 25% in May. Netflix price increases now affect old customers as well as new.

Lol, thanks. It’s hand-lettered on a sticky note, that was not sticky enough to stick to a shirt, so it had to be taped.

I love the chalk like textures of your designs.

Today, I’m not going to worry about my fortgage.

cool to see everyone’s designs!

“Turn that frown upside down, Charlie Brown!”

“But, it’s only (insert amount)Dollars.”
-Child in the need of a toy.


I believe we’re all graduates of IOU.

LMAO I love it. GMV

The sad part is not only did Obi Wan cut him to pieces he even ended up stealing his light sabre.

Things that only make sense in Spiritgreen’s head; food-based historical puns, that book idea, the Spiritgreen theme tune, fractal kawaii, this shirt.

EDIT: Thank you for the votes. :^)