Derby entry comments for Derby #538: The Pageantry of Nature

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4 colors on Brown–thanks!

One of my favorite John Muir quotes, and perfect for a Nature Derby (I hope)!

Awesome! Always like your style and productivity :slight_smile:

Went for a vintage tattoo look for this :slight_smile: hope you like it!

Mother and foal scene,hope you like :slight_smile:

Nice design! I love the DNA roots!

Adding this here, so people can see the “hidden” meaning :slight_smile:

I would have done a second design but I didn’t have the energy.

Great use of colors! :blush:

Hope you dig my cyclic TREE Triskelion!

Thanks! I had fun with this derby! :slight_smile:

2 colors

Full Size Here

5 colors

4 colors

I knew I recognized this style!
Great job!

Cherry blossoms and DNA. Whadda matchup! Terrific.

Clever! I love all the plant life you came up with for this one

Simple. I love it.