Derby entry comments for Derby #539: Animals and Spring Sports

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I wonder who he picks?

Are those pandas playing soccer? Omg! Love it! What a cute idea!

He’s 14,000 over par, though he’s never actually finished a full round.


Thanks! I was hoping a rolled up panda would kind of look like a soccer ball. Lol!

Here’s some panda ball detail that didn’t come through in the comp.

Haha! Fun! :blush:

Hope you like my Alice Flamingo!

Lol, is that a sausage?

Much more productive time fencing on a fence than just sitting. And the little alliteration of saying it is fun too.

Pretty sure that’s a cucumber.

If batting doesn’t work out I’m sure he’d be a good catcher

yup, it’s a cucumber !

As close as I can come to sports :slight_smile:

As close as I can come to sports :slight_smile:

Crying right now! Up until I realise I was invade by the rhyming earwig from hell!

I’m betting on Lucille.

This is so cool. love the action and look on their faces. Great job GMV

I’ll have third place. :slight_smile: