Derby entry comments for Derby #544: Color Spotlight: Eggplant

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Bigger version for detail (click for even biggerer).


I’m confident the reference will be lost on most… :slight_smile:

All vegetables are beautiful


It’s not a stretch to say their love reached new heights…

Really cool. Got my vote.

The best…


No one can stop the mechacorn.

This is my family - without a doubt. In EVERY way!


If unicorn poops make sugar cookies and softserve ice cream, does unicorn puke make icing and sweet beverages? I think it must.

Great colors!

Very cool.

Haha, really well done.

As good as the Prince related designs are, I can’t foresee them printing due to legal reasons. More to it, there’s no way woot could escape a stigma of “cash grab”.

He’s adorable! GMV

Niiice :smiley:

Where’s the brick-sized Gameboy? :smiley:
Great job!