Derby entry comments for Derby #546: Camp IWannaTee

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A perfect recipe!

I actually kinda want to go fat camp.

Dammit, now I want one.

Every morning, the counselors blare this song at sunrise.


Because Fat Camp just aint gonna cut it.

This is my kind of camping. Air conditioning, clean sheets, running water, and NO BUGS!!!

Oh, this is hilarious! Good one! :blush:

6 colors on brown–thanks!

Now I want s’mores… Great design!


So perfect. /beam

What’s camp without Sasquatch and marshmallows? :blush::blush:

You deserve this shirt!

The Hubs is absolutely going to love this one!

Did any of you see next week’s preview? I thought we couldn’t do poop on a shirt!?

Yup- I’d wear this all day. Always wanted to go to space camp- NOW doubly so.

great illustration technique. the idea is good too but I want this shirt because its so well done.