Derby entry comments for Derby #549: Tank Tops

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This is likely the most niche thing I’ve ever done.

Thsi looks so much like Walmazan’s style (a compliment).

A magical way to show off your forearms.

Hmmm, it also has Walmazan’s style of title banner.

Can I submit a desing for sublimation?

Collaboration with walmazan. My idea, his draw

My type of marathon! Clever as always!

Maybe I’m missing the joke, but this comes off as offensive to me.

Tattooed Olaf in a Sailor Jerry inspired Hawaii scene and style

Makes sense. Great idea (and design).

Clever idea!

Love the look on your cat’s face! :blush:

Because nothing says summertime and sleeveless time quite like a roaring dinosaur.

This is so incredibly cute and creative! I love the mashup of the Sailor Jerry tattoo styling! I’ll be MORE than happy to rock out with this on the pool deck this summer. I hope it gets added for sale - good luck! #SunsOutGunsOut

This is awesome!

Thanks artbywilliam! I hope it does too :blush:

Reprising my fish tank appropriately. :slight_smile:

Good lord I need to have this

haha… love it