Derby entry comments for Derby #551: Travel Log (Journals)

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Inspired by my good friend, Waldo. I hope you enjoy getting lost as much as I do!

Very Clever!

Travel - The one thing you buy that makes you richer

Beautiful! Got my vote! :smiley:

No reason to wander when you can fly! I need this one😊

Seeing the sights the classy, speedy way :wink:

Bonus points for not using a compass on this old saying. love it.

All the quotes are about travel, flight, etc by Leonardo daVinci himself… except he would have written them backwards!:blush: It’s tough enough to read them forwards right?

I’m super excited about a TBD derby.

Are we to design a shirt about something To Be Determined? Or do we get to make up a new definition of this acronym?
Tacos Before Burritos?
Trolls Before Druids?

Or maybe just an entire derby about reinventing existing well know acronyms!?

I cannot live without this journal! It must print

I love this.

Classy and fun!

Time before derby?

Ten Beautiful Days
Time Before Dawn
The Bears Dance
Tea & Biscuit Day
Total Bunny Domination

a cup of coffee to start a big journey

Beautiful lines in this design It looks like it flowed out of a fountain pen! :slight_smile:

Ditto that! :slight_smile:

Nice design, and the colors are perfect! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :)!