Derby entry comments for Derby #556: Cats in the Style of…

Cat in the style of Banksy

Lol! He wears a man bun now though :wink:

Just saw I accidentally left an extra couple of color circles in the shirt design. My bad. It is just the one colour print for this.

so good!!

amazing art!!!

The hieroglyphics across the top and bottom say “live laugh love” and the vertical hieroglyphics say "meow.":smile_cat:

so good and wearable!


You’re going to do one for every movie, aren’t you? Lol.

I have been looking to do something with the picture of my cat, Tavi I have had for a while. Since it is cat themed, it had to be a 9-panel.

Nice illustration!

Love your visual tricks here, like using the tea table in place of the bridge. :slight_smile: Really clever.

Here’s hoping so! =^.^=

GMV, of course.

Kitty kisses.

“Catue”, Lol… Loving the cat puns in this derby. Good one.

Beautifully done!


Beautiful work!

Awesome! I love how her eyebrows work as a strip.

stunning details