Derby entry comments for Derby #557: Extended Play

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MUCH more.


When you realize you’ve played days instead of hours… you might have a problem. :slight_smile:

Sleeping in is the ultimate luxury!

Perfect for hangover days

The world’s grandpa on a surfboard for Mike D.

Anyone remember those little plastic adapters we used to play the 45 EPs?

An extra life so you can game on!

I like how the clock hand looks like a little animal nose

Mr. Spock loves to spend his free time jamming on his sweet Enterprise axe. It’s not logical, but he doesn’t care.

c’mon Mom…

This is a beautiful and clean design. I really dig it.

Endless biking sounds great to me! Very nice idea. I like this one a lot also.

Well, he IS half human.

Cool design man! :slight_smile:

Before the clarification, I took the theme in a very literal direction. Playing with something that extends. I hope it still fits the rule…

They were very vague about this derby theme.

Would be nice if woot described the theme at least a little bit so people don’t waste their time making something off topic like this idiot here :slight_smile:

Pure awesomeness. 1up for u!