Derby entry comments for Derby #558: Magnitudes

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Ursa Major and an ursa minor.

Hope you like this one, please vote!

5 colors on asphalt–thanks!

Inspired my sister, who is definitely a big deal.

Wun Wun the giant!

How is this not already a shirt? Winning idea, Oaken.

This isn’t even fair! Lol… Amazing work

A collab with my bud Taternuggets!


Hope you dig it.


Apologies to Leo Lionni.

Nice one.



Clever. Ooh this 10K cup is gonna be competitive!

We’re all doin’ it …

:slight_smile: Thanks ace- I googled FOREVER because I felt someone had to have made it - haha

Cool idea. Nice details.

The only kind of Moustache I will be able to have …

Had fun drawing this one- Hope you like it.

Interestingly, I thought to develop this shirt whilst sipping on a coffee :). So it must be true! :slight_smile:

This is a double Fibonacci Sequence! :blush: