Derby entry comments for Derby #559: Fake Promotional & Event Tees

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Welcome to the product launch of a new historical line of action figures featuring scientists, composers, writers and philosophers, monarchs and presidents. First up, Honest Abe.

Collect them all!

Thanks for looking, please vote! And let me know who else you’d like to see in the collection.


Absolutely amazing!


#Snowbowl is a long running meme on the internet about the hope for two of the most famous Snows to battle it out in Game of Thrones. This is the hype poster I made for it, as if it was a boxing match.



Every order of this design comes with a free bag of piss :slight_smile:

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to family events. When this happens, rent a relative to go in your place! Parents won’t come to your wedding? Rent some!



Remember folks…

An inside joke for gravity falls fans!

Wow, that’s gorgeous!

Can you earn the title WING SLAYER? All you can eat wings all night long!

King of the North. Sharp design!

I might give up tshirts & actually start a shop like this with all the epic facial hair these days…

I love this!

gorgeous colors!