Derby entry comments for Derby #55a: Derbylympics, 1st Event - Black & White

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Zebra! Zebra! Burning white
On a shirt that’s subbed tonight

Cat resting peacefully atop a mountain of pillows. Sleep well little prince.

Abstract to real, water to air. Flying fish.

Thanks for the feedback in the forums!

I am made of crazy, nm.

GREAT shirt, Edgar! =)

According to Wikipedia:

Kiyohime was the “Purity Princess”, a teahouse waitress who fell in love with a young Buddhist priest. After he spurned her, she studied magic, transformed herself into a dragon, and killed him.

That is pretty cool.

A classic Rorschach inkblot. I actually made this inkblot yesterday. Click here to see my masterpiece!

I’d love to hear what you guys see when you look at it!

“The pen is mightier than the sword” -
A lofty claim, but was it real?
So following the saying’s word
I lent my foe a blade of steel
And brandished for myself a quill;
The adage swore I’d leave unharmed
But though I vied with wit and skill
I quickly found myself disarmed

Grapes and Vines with asymmetric placement. Thank you for your vote.

A more detailed look on the clockface

Chess King given a 3d-appearance without gradients by using a moire pattern. All lines are wider than 1pt.

Please vote for the happy maggots! =D

Simple, bold coffee design with steam heart. Love thy Java!

Man, this would have been perfect for a Woot birthday shirt!

in the olympic spirit…

in 1936 jesse owens won 4 gold medals in front of a furious adolph hitler

I wanted to stray for awhile from the cartoony designs that I’ve been doing. I hope you like it

The Australian Hobby, or Little Falcon doesn’t seem so little when it’s swooping down towards your face!

I was very fortunate to take a photo of this small raptor just outside my driveway - I’m in the suburbs of a small city, so just watch the skies, you’d be amazed at what you might see.

Awesome!! Absolutely beautiful!!

rorschachs normally freak me out, but this one isn’t so bad. i see a bear wearing a crown!