Derby entry comments for Derby #55b: Derbylympics, 2nd Event - Oxymorons

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I dont see how this applies to the theme for this part of the derbylympics… so im guessing this was supposed to be in the black and white derby…

The Balck and White derby is over.


But congrats on being fogged.

Fake adder is so bizarre.

ooooo. cool.

Best so far. GMV

GMV I think it’s cool, but I also think the fin ruins it. :[

Sort of like the sunny rain, or the nice bad guy, it’s the sad pucker…

an electric eel bing electrocuted… isn’t that more like ‘ironic’, not oxymoronic.


Oxmymoron cuz nuttin funni bout gettin thumbprints on your tees


Living Dead huh? I’m sorry, I see “Brain Food”

i like it, but the image itself doesnt seem like an oxymoron, just the title

coulda used a heart and maybe some candy in there but still AMAXING! GMV!!!

This entry is an exact duplicate of my entry in the last derby. Once I realized Recent History was an oxymoron, I had to do it :slight_smile:

not incidental text- rejecto

I was going to enter it as that, but then couldn’t decide if Brain Food constituted a true oxymoron or not. I think it works for both phrases, because it features a zombie and zombie behaviors.