Derby entry comments for Derby #562: Crests, Insignias and Seals

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Well, it IS a seal!

My daughter (latin silver and gold medalist) will LOVE this one. GMV!

Put 'em up.

Orrrr “I Am The Knight”? Ehh? Ehhhh? The latin is “night” though :expressionless:


Loved Stranger Things- Hope you dig my UPSIDE DOWN patch- :smiley:

Ocarina not included.

I love Rick and Morty! Great shirt!

this is good!!! +1

Love it!


i’d catch this one!

Love this show!

I’ve walked so many miles! I mean kilometers. :slight_smile:

Misery Love Company!

Love this!!
This is sooooo my life!!
And personally I think this shirt needs glow in the dark accents, would make it even better! :o)

I knew this was you before I even clicked it. Clever and well executed as always, GMV!


Linked! And one more variation.