Derby entry comments for Derby #563: Text From The Public Domain

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“The shoes are cute but I’ll take the hat.”

I know it has qualities of the 1933 version - but the original story is definitely Public Domain. :slight_smile:


What do you want to talk about? Shoes… ships… sealing wax… cabbages? Kings?

Why do you want to talk about sealing wax and cabbage?

This is amazing, but you should resub without the trademarked name in the title. They could reject for that (they have in the past). Maybe “whale lord” instead?

Very cool!

Thanks for the advice. I figured the title could always be changed, but maybe better safe than sorry.

A quick resub without Wailord in the title :slight_smile:

That Moby he’s such a… jerk.


Many early versions had the dwarfs named after the days of the week

One of my all time favorite quotes- :smiley:

Hope you dig it.


Great job! Got my vote.

Thanks ApeLad! :slight_smile:

Love the weathering on the sign. Very Nicely done!

Nice! I wanted to do a flatland design, but could not come up with anything.

I love this, my friend.

fixed the misspelling of cthulhu. spellcheck missed that one :slight_smile: