Derby entry comments for Derby #564: Derbathlon

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Nothing brings me more joy than drawing a dinosaur… and getting to top it off with wordplay is just a bonus d:

I reworked this one from a previous derby, changing the color scheme and adding some contextual elements in the background. Hope you guys like it better!

Bread Pirate Roberts and Princess Butter-half-cup :slight_smile:

Single line drawing.

All respect to Frank Frazetta


“Inspired” by Frazetta.


Full-sized detail

Hope you like my love letter to Neverending Story- :slight_smile:

Please vote again! I forgot the “title” rule :confused:

Warhol meets the Mario Bros.

It’s difficult to concentrate sometimes… This is in tribute to those who struggle with focus and distraction. The train of thought runs on a perilous track.

Design uses halftones to simulate orange and gradients.

Cool! Reminds me of my design, though yours is way better executed :slight_smile:

Love it!

Based on Frank Miller’s Sin City style.

EPIC! I was contemplating doing one of Frank Frazetta’s Conan paintinga