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There are two ways to look at this… You could be making the statement that the old way of thinking about tattoos is falling apart. Or, you can have people guessing if you have any tattoos that are not visible.

6 colors on Navy
Collab with odysseyroc–thanks!

To complement Tjost’s “The Binge.”

I mostly made this for the clock… and the Newton’s cradle… and the coffee mug… I want all those things. haha

Sorry in advance…

So true,so true

Timothy McNeigh…? Lol…

That’s what I feel like every day! I love it!:blush:

Super clever idea!

This is so great! Well done !

Everything is awwwwwesome!

Very cute

Is it live, or is it Empirex?
Love it, so double-retro! :slight_smile:

My family asked for more single-line Star Wars designs ala my AT-AT design so here we go.

Inspired by my kids! Both because they get REALLY hangry and they also helped me brainstorm this.

We all need more cowbell!

Fantastic work Tates!


I like the spidey graffiti, and when you got to go don’t drop the Charmin.