Derby entry comments for Derby #57: Dessert

Love it, Zeus, but wish they could be printed up on the shoulders.

No pacman?

Bowl of Strawberry Shortcake, anyone?

Who doesn’t like to eat 3.1415926535… cherry pies every now and then?

Very Nice.

Probably does not take long to call the roll.

Inspired by this website – I decided to make my own “meat cake” with parts of animals that most people consider…disturbing. Please vote! =D

Tentacles: Octopus
Eyes: Many cultures don’t let any part of an animal go to waste, this includes eyes
Tongue: Tongue is a delicacy

Poor fridge dude… GMV, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! :slight_smile: I considered adding red for the cherries, but decided against it in the end as I didn’t want the cherries to pop (ahahaha, bad wording, bad wording). Red is a fairly eye-catching color even when it is darker, so it would have - in my opinion - made it top heavy.

Awesome original idea. Not crazy about the colors, but the concept is the best so far.

If I could make my own coat of arms this would be it! Enjoy!

You want to tell him or shall I?. … …

Love your camel EHal GMV! Good Luck! =)

Hey guys, this is my first derby and I thought it was pretty cute.

Also, I got laid off last week, so sympathy votes are more than welcome!!

Will get rejected for sure, but Very funny idea. :slight_smile:

There’s something fishy about my black cherry scoop…

Inspired by the shirt on dbh?

Who doesn’t love that wiggly gelatin dessert we all grew up with? My favorite flavor was lime. What was yours?

I decided to run with a previous submission (changed quite a bit)…couldn’t resist. Hope you like it!

Ha, the bubblegum eyeballs work perfectly here!