Derby entry comments for Derby #570: Dangers of the Deep

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Inspired by the old movie poster for The Blob. Those are real facts about goldfish… perhaps exaggerated a bit for dramatic effect.

Tried something a little different, is this a good direction for submissions?

And his frenemy, Ground.

Watch out I’m ‘deeply dangerous’ today

That light is for more than just luring poor fish to a horrible death :slight_smile:

Haha! That’s just rude!

Love it!

The real nemesis of aquatic life.

I made another octopus tree- Because!

I love this! What a fun take on a spooky fish :blush:

I had fun writing my own Seussian-style poem for this one. :blush:

hahaha, nice!

Wow! This turned out great! Well done!


Wanted to draw something cute for this one. Plus fire breathing is something I’d wish whales actually did.


Could also be known as “Deep Sea Diner”

Love this! Perfect use of your style.

Damn slick!