Derby entry comments for Derby #571: Halloween 2016

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The Basement. Monster haven. Happy Hour is at midnight.

I love Hallowoot! Please drop this a vote :^)

Winchester Road Trip!

This shirt is drawn entirely from road data, with the major highways emphasized for extra crackle.

Representing Sam & Dean’s life on the road protecting the country. The devil’s trap is centered on Lebanon, KS, headquarters of the Men of Letters.

Beer, pie and family,

Member of the C.I.A. :slight_smile:

MMmmm tastes good!

That pun tho

spoopy kitty.

Or is it 81…?

I drew the scariest thing I could imagine wearing…

Ghost hate it when we turn on the lights!

*Scared lil’ ghost (shows floating skull with glow in the dark ink)

I thought his head was facing the other direction, haha.

:smiley: This started out as a Bride of Frankenstein Art Nouveau design, but once I started drawing it, I instantly saw Princess Leia- Hope you like my unexpected mashup-

Starring Blossom Midler, Buttercup Najimy & Sarah Bubbles Parker

Yeah, fun texturing!!


Ahh, sweet use of the rare orange shirt. Dang cool art.


Demogorgon floral patterns. Amazing. :slight_smile:

I would drink this but it’s not corporeal!