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Most people know that there was bad blood between Tesla and Edison but not everyone knows that that Tesla originally worked for Edison.

If you’ll excuse the highly scientific terminlogy, coffee fundamentally consists of water, beans, cream, sugar and sunshine and rainbows.


Scientists have finally discovered a cure for the outbreak of bad-tempered lethargy that has been sweeping the workplace.

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Sorry to offend all my wizarding friends out there.

Today’s episode on “How It Works” - Automatic Pencil Sharpeners…

Ah, this ended up looking awesome!

Oxygen… can’t live without it, will still die anyway.

It’s really a tiny band inside your boombox. :slight_smile:

Water is also responsible for nearly all drowning fatalities.

You mean my destiny? :joy:
So great, love it.

Looks logical to me :blush: Great idea and artwork! Well done!

Nicely done!

True fact! I’m afraid I’m addicted to it though. :blush: Great shirt!

So cute!

Awesome and so true :slight_smile:

This one is a winner!

No need to worry about a zombie apocalypse now!

2 liters = 33.814 oz
14 mentos in a pack, 4,334 feet is the height record for this familiar experiment.

Great colors and placement!