Derby entry comments for Derby #576: Things I'm Thankful For

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I would like to thank giant meteor for giving mammals a chance, and maybe it would be so kind as to return for an encore.

Everyone is thankful when I get my coffee. Everyone.

Sorry, but…

A fireplace, a comfy sofa, a good book and hot coffee. It’s the little things that make life wonderful.

I think maybe everyone is thankful for wifi.



It really is.

Too true! Great shirt!

Without wifi, my kids would probably die… at least, they think they would! Can’t say I’m much better though! I’ll have to buy a bunch of these!

Niiiiice! :blush:

Haha! +1

Lol XD

Oh boy, you’ll have some explaining to do if this wins. And it very well might!

So THAT’S the theory of relativity! I totally get it now. :slight_smile: +1

Weirdly wonderful, Kevlar.

I’m thankful for nature and weirdness? What I meant to draw was coffee and tacos, wow what an idiot!

Like the design – I like your more off-the-wall designs a lot. But… Are those cats? Be wary of the rejectionator.

They also make great waterskis.