Derby entry comments for Derby #576: Things I'm Thankful For

I’d like to apologize to everyone for this awful pun.

If you haven’t tried fried turkey, go get some, because it’s amazing.

Oh my!

I’m thankful for this every day.


I can’t stop laughing…!!!

Thanks, appreciate the comment, the bottom right is a fox and the top right is a bear with the slightly more obvious rabbit and bird and slightly less obvious blu snake on the other side to complete the forest animals set up :slight_smile:

Uploaded the wrong version before, I am thankful for nature and weirdness :slight_smile:

Is your full-time job writing for Hallmark? Great style as always. +1

This is so good, I am surprised that someone hasn’t already sold this design on woot

Getting hugged by a bunny guarantees a better mood.

Reminds me of “This book is full of spiders, seriously dude don’t touch” by David Wong (who also wrote “John dies at the end”). Great series of books, and more on-topic, really fun design. :slight_smile:

+1 for the Philly reference :slight_smile:

Love the colors! Really pops out on the shirt. gmv mate.


Black and white is a great choice for this. Very nice! +1

Thanks acraigl! One from the heart since Monty Python was not an allowable topic for this derby. :slight_smile:

Larger Version for halftone detail.

Darn. Thought I had the shirt preview thing figured out.
Still working on it.

edit… deleted it…

The best things in life are friends, french fries and puns, amirite?!