Derby entry comments for Derby #579: Inspired by Classic Movies

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The climactic scene from the 1933 King Kong in the style of Donkey Kong.

Please see the larger view . This is packed with details this comp can’t really display clearly.

Inspired from the Hitchcock movie “The Birds”.

Classiest Christmas shirt ever. :^)

Alternate title: “She walks into mine.”

Inspired by

Plans 1 through 8 didn’t go very well.

<3 this!

I am proud of how dumb this one is. Here is a bigger version to also judge by.

Nice style parody, plus Winter Wonderland lyrics. +1 !

Inspired by the 1955 James Dean classic “Rebel Without a Cause” and by the adventuring computer games of my youth :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt!

Inspired by this of course:

Inspired by old King Kong and monster movie posters.

Wow! Great job

I’m not even a Star Trek fan and this is f***ing hilarious.

Yo, put some goggles on that cookie monster! I mean… That giant fuzzy spider.

that’s a good looking shirt

Thank you @Inatangle for making me wait for the right moment :slight_smile: