Derby entry comments for Derby #580: Computers and Technology

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The most infamous tech support call ever.

Based on the Blue Screen of Death from the latest windows versions.

If you’ll excuse me, I must return to my skyless lair.

I remember what it was like! Kids these days have it so easy!

Ah! This is so clever using both sizes!

Probably first time we fell in love with technology !

Love it.

Awesome follow up to the Floppy Disks! GMV +1

I love the soft look you’ve got going here! How do you do it? Great shirt!!

Haha! I seriously need this to print. I’ll get one for each of my kids!

Love this. Clever.


Got my vote!

I used to draw computer chip schematics. Of course, that’s different, but this brings back memories. Plus, this is beautiful!

Ha! +1 :slight_smile:

Had a very similar idea, just not the time. Nicely done, +1

Great play on a cat and mouse!

The bottom line is the best.

Can’t even count how many times this has happened to me! Great shirt! +1