Derby entry comments for Derby #580: Computers and Technology

I’m actually proud that I DON’T remember exactly when tray load drives became more popular than the CD caddies …

Thanks! One of those ideas I couldn’t stop giggling at. :smiley:

There’s no place like home for the holidays.


I need this!!

thank a lot buddie :slight_smile:


OMG, obviously I had to look this up. I won’t spoil. Too funny. Too subtle perhaps, but funny. :slight_smile:

Vote if you please.

I’m sorry Dave… I need votes. :grin:

I had to look it up too, and likewise, will not spoil it.

GMV. :slight_smile:

acraigl and narfcake, I thought it was appropriate. :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys! I’ve been meaning to do this sequel and the theme was perfect. Plus who doesn’t love that song?

Oh, the good ol’ days.

Great idea, Robert!

Ha, super clever.

Cute idea!

Agree. +1


I agree!

(MS-DOS Mobile is one of the apps I have on my phone and a modem is mimicked when launching.)