Derby entry comments for Derby #581: Superheroes

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Magnets. Bathtubs. Being grounded. The Sun. Therapy. Fast food. Lasers. Matryoshkas. Forbidden buttons.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design!


Law Enforcement = Batman
Medical Personnel = Wonder Woman
Teachers = Green Lantern
Social Workers = The Flash
Armed Forces = Green Arrow
Firefighters = Superman

These are the heroes that my 7 year-old has up on his bedroom wall.


Clever and cute!

In case you are like ocho and do not know this X-man, this is she:

This is hilarious! Love the “super” posture too!

Everything you thought you knew, is a lie.

Great color palette!


green team = dream team


My friend insisted the Superman logo is actually two goldfish swimming in opposite directions.

After some deliberation, it turns out he was right.

Oh Em Gee! These are great!

Can I safely assume you’re the artist of the source image here that can be found all over the Internet?

Great idea :slight_smile:

3 colors

3 colors