Derby entry comments for Derby #583: Exercise

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Shed those sprinkles, be a cruller.

But first we nap,

Thanks to Carl and Matt for the wording improvements!

Close up. Arrrrrr!


Written in Python programming language !



the irony here is that i didn’t realize my shirt comp image was so imperfect until now

(actual shirt will be solid black)

This is great!

Make your online experience work for you, in this suggestion for online activities to get fit.

I get this error all too often! I’ll have to buy this one. :blush:

Haha! Oh, that’s good!

Funny. Do one with beer. :slight_smile:

Please resub without the text – it’s so funny all on it’s own.

Resistance is futile! Great shirt!

Happy Holidays fellow artist!

Typo. I meant to say - Happy Holidays fellow artists! Not wishing myself a happy holiday. HAHA

Hahaha :^)