Derby entry comments for Derby #584: Poetry Illustrated

Thanks spiritgreen. love the Seuss design!

Great job !

Love it! Great job fishbiscuit :slight_smile:

This is cool! It be crazy if yours and the other design with the same concept made it in the top three.

Your drawing skills are getting better and better. Love the use of the halftone for the shading. Well done.

Thanks! I’m trying to be a little more free with my designs. Glad you like it. <3

Haha. Hey ADQ! +1

Thanks! Here’s a close-up of the Seuss sabers.

Ha! Fits well with the shirt of the day on today…

That’s money bro!

Hi! Glad you like my death!

This is beautiful!

Thanks, guys!
My original concept didn’t work out, so I wasn’t as happy about the final result. But you made me feel much better about it.

Yep… I can verify that. I tried to make a comment about a plant on a tee shirt one time, and it comes out pussy willow. I’m surprised that your entry has the proper name on it.

Sweet design, by the way. :slight_smile: gmv :slight_smile:

Love this poem, art suits it

There’s a shriveled twig in the bud vase, I’m guessing.


ok, this is my favorite. of whatever. this is my favorite.

Sure do! Those magnets still live on my refrigerator. Many of the poems I constructed years ago are still intact. :slight_smile:

I agree! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: