Derby entry comments for Derby #587: Love

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An unsentimental shirt. :slight_smile:

Giver of hugs!

Flavors of love

No, I really WOULD love your opinion about this shirt. PLEASE tell me. I’m DYING to know. I REALLY value what you have to say.

Love means never having to say Fus Ro Dah.

I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in hOWLmony… sorry…

Classic love story.

This design is inspired by this ad but I lack the interest to make it exact in any way


Hey, -I- love sci-fi!

(clever twist TR)

I’m currently pretty obsessed with the Dark Tower…

Close up. :slight_smile:

I love me. Do you love me?

Video games are one of the reasons I married my husband.

This is legit. GMV

Haha, I like this one. GMV

I love the cute/evil mix you’ve got going. GMV!

African Penguins, Lobsters and Wolves all mate for life.

This takes my breath away!