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Japan and China have their own unicorn folklore, the Kirin and the Qilin. This is my artistic take on it, emphasizing its dragon-like aspects. It’s six inks on a black shirt.

Please vote if you like this design!
-Spiritgreen :^)

Celebrating World Book Day. :slight_smile:

Minimalism + Monopoly = Monopolism.

Love it!



Very cool!


I did have one drop cloth I thought about framing.

i can haz shirtz?

Juncos are my fav lately, they always look angry and stupid and travel in gangs

Nicely done!

You clever so and so.

Peace, man.

Wow! Beautiful line work!

I’ve been out for several months now (real life intruding quite a bit), but I’ve been studying Iconography and knotwork.

This one was inspired by some Eastern Orthodox iconography, but with the One Ring, the Nine, Barad Dur, the Black Gate and Palantiri instead of religious imagery. Hope folks like it!

Beautiful stuff guys. This theme didn’t disappoint.

I shall fear no screen. Okay, maybe the Blue Screen of Death.

“Art is long, life is short”
The Latin translation of the Greek philosopher Hippocrates’ famous aphorism. It takes a long time to learn one’s craft.