Derby entry comments for Derby #596: Holy Ship(ping Bags)!

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Epic Loot! I’ve been wanting to draw this idea since the first bag derby.


Some cute classic characters. :slight_smile:

Funny, could wear tank tops well

Get ready for a lot of DQs. I didn’t see a way to show it on a bag. Looks like I wasn’t the only one.

I love it. It’s like the best of Walmazan, a very special episode of shirt woot. :^)

Music in your mailbox.

I like the barrel of monkeys motif

“Everybody say METEOR!” said Rex as he held out the selfie stick.

but I emailed woot and they told me i could post my art on a white background :((

Maybe slightly reduced, like the full view?

Resub on something that resembles a bag shape. Not sure where everyone is getting these bag images, but props for them knowing better/more than I.

Sorry about the confusion with showing the design on a bag. All we need is to see the design placed on a rectangular, bag-like shape. You don’t even need the fancy photo template. The entries “Floral!” and “T-Shirt Rex” are examples of this if that helps. It does need to be on a white bag as well.


You can really fold your shirt this way to make an airplane! Might not fly very well, though… :blush:

I’m digging the little variants, like the meteor t-rex and the Hitchhikers whale.

Love your circuit board!