Derby entry comments for Derby #597: Spring Tee-ver

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Life anew, an arty side print design.

Click to see a BIG VERSION! >>>

-Spiritgreen :^)


I may have generalized the theme a bit but for me Spring is always about getting back in touch with nature.

Spring brings happy things!

So springy, so fresh.

It’s a fox and an owl!

(my two favorite creatures)

spring is here, lets blow the rain away

Neat! I hope Groot is still in his flower pot when GotG2 begins, I wanna see his little legs pop out.


Love this one! :blush:

Ow, so cute it hurts. :^)

very clever and I like the colors

so beautiful


I hope that’s a consenting carrot. :slight_smile:

Do the Japanese characters mean anything? Er, of course they do. What do the Japanese characters mean?

Dogshirt! :slight_smile:

Gorgeous minimalism! GMV!

Time to get started on those beach bodies… :stuck_out_tongue: