Derby entry comments for Derby #599: Schadenfreude!

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He’s laughing at you, ya shirt wearing goofball.

A simple step-by-step reminder of what schadenfreude means.

Pesky birds.

Edit: I didn’t misspell cheap (:

Schadenfreudegg: (n) /shah·den·froi·de-egg/

  • Enjoyment or pleasure derived from another egg’s misfortune.


A German style beer label to celebrate Schadenfreude. The phrase around the outside translates to “With pain, comes laughter”.

From a rather satisfying scene in Indiana Jones in case anyone didnt pick up this reference.

Good one!

Fantastic line work!

Lol this is great!

Dude, you have the most clever ideas! Sweet shirt (:

I love this one, haha, poor Cookie Monster. GMV!

Haha, nice idea. That spork also looks like groot, haha.

I love the texture you created on this one. GMV

Haha, another winning design. GMV

Haha, clever. I like it fist bump GMV

I’m not usually the biggest sucker for cat shirts, but this is great (:

Poor grumpy cat, when will he ever catch a break?