Derby entry comments for Derby #601: Space Wars

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Some Star Wars, some Karate Kid and a little of this:


Thanks for looking,

Tiny New Hope!

Beautiful! gmv mate

Padme’s Blue Ribbon! Hope you think this is as funny as I do-

Great detail!

I think it is funny! GMV.

Not quite as fast as his original X-34 Landspeeder!


Resubbed as Rebellious Bloom

[Rebellious Bloom


buh buh buh bad!love it

The colors, the cats, the final sequel in a successful series (of shirts)! Good luck but I don’t think you’ll need it. :^)

Sweet work Oaken’, good to see you back!

Sign me up!


A rogue group of dreamers desperately resist the giant heartless empire…

For the Legion fans out there.

:smiley: Been wrong too long, gonna be right tonight… or something…

This crawl is full of spoilers.