Derby entry comments for Derby #603: Mother Lode

My favorite! Great idea and great execution as always! GMV!

This is really sweet. I’m starting to like foxes almost as much as cats!

mother of dragons, made a couple of changes and re-subbed :slight_smile:

I know that feeling… My kids are slowly killing me too

Outstanding I love it GMV

I only have one and some days it feels like there are three of her. LOL GMV

Thank you! Glad you like it. :smiley:

Behind every great ping pong player is mom. The boys would like to give special Happy Mother’s Day wish to their adopted mom Inatangle hope it will be a good one.

Great work!

:smiley: Thanks! He’s a cute little bugger.



Oh my… a cute identity crisis… :slight_smile:

I love the colors, the graphic, and the idea. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Yet— I’m not sure how clear the message is on this. It almost looks like it says “no love”. I’m sure this isn’t the message that you want to convey. And maybe it’s just me.

I would love to know about other people’s take on this shirt— especially other shirt artists.

There is something very appealing about this design, AltrdEgo. If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t have said anything at all.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this entry with much interest. :slight_smile:

Chocolate milkshakes are even tastier. I don’t suppose that you could make another desi—nah… it just wouldn’t have the same ring to it. Cute design, Jenzilla! :slight_smile:

Awwww… very sweet, a great design! gmv :slight_smile:

Awww… geee… I love the little bunny-wunnies… :slight_smile: Oh brother, I guess you can tell by this somewhat sappy comment that I’m a soft hearted Mom…lol :slight_smile: gmv :slight_smile:

LOL! Thank heaven’s that this is NOT me! Although I have a confession to make. For almost a year, my kids called me “Princess Dragon Mom”. There’s a long story behind THAT one… at any rate Simic, this is a beautiful design. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

lol! Cute, attractive, and punny! :slight_smile: