Derby entry comments for Derby #604: Dadism

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POOF! You’re a sandwich!

(I originally read this derby as DADAISM and I suppose it stuck!)

Best Dad Ever…I know!

I see what you did there. Nice follow through :slight_smile:



This is great!

I actually finished Bioshock 1 for the first time this week. Saved all the Little Sisters, naturally.

For some reason working on this shirt got me listening to all this 80s music…

Who doesn’t want matching avocado shirts?

Super wearable. GMV!

I had a bit of fun creating this one a while back. Each element on the card design relates to a common “dad” joke. The text of the “dad” jokes make up the red border in the design. Here is a link to a bigger version where the text is more readable.

Link to Bigger Res File

Way not tragically funny, Kevlar! Great!

Perfectly done. :slight_smile:


Dadbod close-up:

Awesome! Great style

Thanks for the closeup – good to see all the fun things you put in there.

Wow! Great job!