Derby entry comments for Derby #605: Water You Waiting For?

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Bubble rainbow,
-Spiritgreen :^)

Water jokes are all wet.



5 colors star wartsy design

Manatee = Sea Cow
You get it…

So cute!

Ha, I love that sasquatch. Sweet design lucky!



The main ingredient in beer is water. So to all those health nuts who tell me I should drink more water, I just want them to know: I drink plenty of water. Hops and wheat flavored water.

That is too cool!

Thanks. I’m sure there are some people here who have no idea what this is referring to…

Surf guitar plays in my head when I look at this like some pablovian response.

Ace design.

That’s either a crazy way of spelling hazardous that I’m unaware of or a pretty nice typo.

We were warned in the 90s. :slight_smile:

Dining nell’oceano

I reworked a previous entry from long ago. Can you spot the differences?

Oh my, this is the cutest!!