Derby entry comments for Derby #61: Movie Titles Re-Interpreted

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sit back, relax, and give me a vote. would ya?

Bare Necessities

Went with a cartoony style this week, hope ya’dig.

Inspired by Ghost Town.

Whimsical Ghost family rising above their town.

Inspired by Blazing Saddles

Mel Brooks would be so proud. :smiley:

A flattering, subtle shirt, wearable and also in-theme.

Design inspired by one of my favorite movies “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.
Negative, hurtful, painful or scary images on the left are cleansed by the spotless mind leaving only the happy, sunshiney images on the right…gumdrops, kittens, rainbows, balloons, puddles, sunbursts, flowers and more. Thank you for your vote.

Some of them look sad? :frowning:

New from Kramerica!

It may not be a puffy shirt, but if you wear this Inspired-by-Kramer-Vs.-Kramer shirt, you’ll never be accused of being an anti-dentite. In fact, you’ll soon become master of your domain.

So stop making excuses, like that those pretzels are making you thirsty, and vote for this shirt, or there will be NO SOUP–oops, I mean shirt–FOR YOU!

[It makes a great Festivus gift!]

Detailed View…

indeed he would. great job, sharp!

Also inspired by those old invasion maps that were used to plan the path of troops into other nations. Make love, not war!

This is a collab project between bluchez, peppersagooddog, and ted (the talent).

Love it Kenny!
I voted and it didn’t show up.

Sadly, many of Mr. Pinks vanquished foes were the last of their kind.

As a side note I’m particularly attached to this design because my roommate and I got our first noise complaint not for one of our ruckus parties, but when we were watching this beautifully scientifically inaccurate film and laughing our asses off one evening. Oh governator, you so silly. I can’t believe he’s actually running my state now. Go figure.

Love it Kenny!
I voted and it didn’t show up.
Oh, it is only 11 minutes into the contest, server overload.

Empire Records - now with the correct size thumbnail.

Oooh, I like this one. At a quarter past the derby’s start, this is my favorite so far. And I like the cartoony style here.

Thanks for your vote and comment!

It seems that some people have an issue with Bill and don’t want him making it to Congress. My guess? It’s a bill outlawing ninjas. Because there isn’t such a law you know. When you think about it, there really should be laws against sneaky figures that like to throw shriuken in people’s back.