Derby entry comments for Derby #618: Vintage Slogans and Logos

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I like bread. It’s the best thing since the last bread I had.

Before there was Netflix and Chill, there were Nickelodeons and Necking.

The Electoral College may not be the popular choice, but it’s also not the Popular Choice.


I like this.



Good one!

Unfortunely, this has been done before.

I hope I’m allowed to use that word!

I’ve got a few more character classes I’m working on this week, if I can finish them.

Here is a link to help explain this shirt!


I hate electoral college debates.

Not familiar with the alternate spelling of “discord” – is that a thing?

Love it!

I smell chicken dinner!!! Awesome!!!

Caught my attention. Looks legit old school. +1

I like this (and the other one) but not sure if Woot will print it due to the subject matter. But they did print your 1984 shirt, so what the hell do I know?

Nice one. Question – I know this as the Morton’s Salt campaign, but the shape at the bottom looks like the Clorox logo (a bit). How does that play into the design (I’m really asking)?

Nice fix on the typo. Thought I was missing something :slight_smile: