Derby entry comments for Derby #625: Monochrome-tastic!

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Deep down, aren’t we all spooky skeletons?


Nice lettering you little optimist, you.

Something about a chameleon that is only one color kinda cracked me up. Also, I felt super-clever when I came up with its name. So that. :slight_smile:



this is super cute gmv

A rework of an old design to better capture the mood of the last transmission from a stranded astronaut.


One giant leap for meowkind.

Very cool! +1

Love it.

Celebrity likenesses are typically rejected, not allowed. FYI.

great job :slight_smile:

Funny! +1

great style

Fresh blues.

Very Cute! Would love this as a glow in the dark shirt!

The new Pumpkin

I love him… He is practically an alien owl.