Derby entry comments for Derby #626: Things I Wish I Could Say

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Just kidding! But maybe true for cats. Exceptions being boxes, warm laundry and sunbeams.

…sometimes it is about what you don’t say.

A perfect t-shirt for anyone who wishes to live alone in the forest or somewhere.

Don’t think GiTD will fly for this derby. Nice work though. Also, why “Nao” and not “Now”?

My husband came up with this idea!


Funny! Not sure they’ll let “shit” slide.

Adulting is hard.

It’s funny cause it’s true!

Signed artwork is usually frowned upon. Maybe you can replace it with a parody of a studio name? Zero-fox pictures, maybe? :wink:


Great minds!

Is this on white or gasp creme?

You might have more luck with King IN the north… as that’s what they say in the books/show.

If this prints, I’m going to spend time walking around giving other people MY unsolicited advice.

Oh crap, true!! Just reading the “no explicit language” now.

I’ve been binge watching Cheers lately. It’s great and all, but what if I don’t care what everyone’s name is? Except Norm. NORM!

Being an introvert - almost to the extreme - I wish I could tell people to leave me alone. Whenever I go to the salon, get a massage or ride on an airplane I inevitably end up having my ear talked off which is exhausting. I’ve often thought to myself, “I wish I could just pin a note to my shirt that says leave me alone.” With this shirt I wouldn’t have to.