Derby entry comments for Derby #628: _____sgiving

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Furry and feathered friends spending time together.

Design note - a little different of a process, drew this one with pen and paper and then colored it on the computer.

A sequel to my pumpkin pi shirt but with better pie.

great style, love his little pilgrim hat, super fun :slight_smile: gmv


Nice! I think this should be printed as a two pack with apologies to the other 44. :slight_smile: +1

Super clever! Well done!

that boy Luke did it again! this is awesome!

a Thanksgiving to do list is best written on your shirt :slight_smile:

love your off register coloring, its awesome! gmv

Awwww… :slight_smile:

Epic. Your halftoning is so good!

Ha! Good one. :slight_smile:

Really digging your style lately, kg. This one might be a little hard to read though. Took me a sec to see all the elements – but that’s part of the fun too. +1


Clever placement with the text. Not sure if everyone will find it funny…

Great art!

Awesome! +1

great design fishbiscuit :slight_smile: gmv

Resubmitted with a better detail image.