Derby entry comments for Derby #629: Espionage

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watching, listening, collecting information on your behavior …

And it knows every place you go…

I’ll keep my eye on you… no matter where you are :wink:

Agent Sloth is Sleepy, again…

4 colors

6 colors

I’d be a spy for anyone if the job included nap time.

A-Z of spy related agencies, fictional characters, and gadgets!


Oops, rules say “no cats.”

This idea crossed my mind. Though, yours came out better than what I imagined.

You really can’t trust these guys, can you?

Yeah, baby! Austin Powers reference, in case it’s not evident. :slight_smile:


ah nuts , no cats, love this and the style


Ha, adorable! And I love the style.

Zebra?, where I don’t see a zebra. Lol gmv