Derby entry comments for Derby #630: Cranberry Appreciation Week

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Up hasn’t slept in days,
Down suffers from malaise.
Charm has a magic buzz.
Strange is as strange does.
Top is the king of the hill.
Bottom crashed; he’s feeling ill.

A sequel to my shirt “Magically Refreshing”. The art is completely redrawn.

Resub - I tried this in green as a daily shortly after the request for Thanksgiving shirts, but it was too late to make the cut. Here’s hoping it has new life on cranberry!

Inspired by my favorite half man, half dog - Barf from Spaceballs!

This is a Critically Ugly Shirt…

( Looks Like I’m a Week Early ;D )

Getting a shirt at least one size larger will ensure proper placement.

The Latin says “Another Fine Mess”. Note the laurels and hearties.

Can you picture that?

Made infamous by Shakespeare, we all know of the dreaded Ides of March when Caesar is betrayed and cut down by conspirators. What isn’t as well known is that Shakespeare didn’t get every detail correct including the the spelling of “Brewtus”. Had he gotten it correct it would be more widely known that Caesar was actually a giant humanoid to-go cup of coffee and so was the rest of the Roman Senate. This death is, in fact, where we get the term “Italian Roast” which refers to the dark and bitter end of Caesar.

This silly take on a horrible assassination is great for lovers of literature and coffee alike.

I like to play the drums
I think I’m getting good, but I can handle criticism
I’ll show you what I know
And you can tell me if you think I’m getting better on the drums
I’ll leave the front unlocked
Cause I can’t hear the doorbell…

Do not like cold.

PS. Another pen (a new brush pen) and paper, colored on the computer design for those interested:)

We both did coffee but our designs have very different tones! lol Very cute idea! :slight_smile:





A resub since my last submission was misinterpreted and caused some consternation. Many of our founding fathers and early Presidents were slave owners and opposed the right of women to vote. Many of them were also great men that helped establish our Nation. Hopefully, this is a humorous look at this reality and complicated nature of our early leaders.

I had Andrew Jackson in mind in particular for this design, but decided to leave it a bit vague in case the higher-ups at woot are big Andrew Jackson supporters.

This was very fun to make. Ever since I saw Dart, I knew I needed to design this!

That’s gorgeous artwork. +1