Derby entry comments for Derby #632: Circle Shirts

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Always know where the nearest coffee is!

What goes around, comes around. Do something nice and vote, your kindness will come back to you.

5 colors

The truth behind cow’s abductions!

Dawwwrgh, so cute!!

Just be yourself - one of the worst advice you can give to some people 8)

2 colors

Ha! Good one. :slight_smile:

In a Venn diagram, an intersection between things I say and sarcasm is 100%.

The comp came out a little pixelated. I’ll do another picture when I’m home from work and post it here.


Inspired by the new Thor: Ragnarock movie. The color on the record is meant to look like the movie logo.

Playing off the Samurai vibe at bit, bringing in some of what was hinted in the latest trailer.

This is a little bit of a departure from my normal style, but I really like to try new things each derby. Thanks for checking it out.

You read my mind!

Didn’t they just purge a bunch of LotR designs? Nice design, tho.

Yeah, that franchise is really litigious. :frowning:

Stop licking your stitches and we probably will.

These are a few of Nyan’s favorite things!

I like everything about this… style, visual pun, colors. Nice job all around.