Derby entry comments for Derby #634: Year in Review

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Emotional Summary of the year as demonstrated by our favorite blockhead.

This was designed by my husband, just drawn by me. Thanks Paul!

catdog my man!

2017 definitely only merits one star in my opinion.

In case you had a better year than I did.

OMG! :tongue:
Just frightening. As intended. +1

Tried to do a simple design for those of us trying to highlight the positivity and hope shining through the hell that this year was.

Chalk up another year for all of us! We did it!!!

I was truly inspired with the accomplishments this year. :slight_smile:


Reminds me of someone, I can’t quite place it. My POTUSSSSS…

Fabulous. Sure it’s political—but, fabulous! Great concept.

Finger pointing, eyebrows low, mouth in the shape of the letter O ♪

Wow, the song is officially ruined for me… What was once a song for a child; is now a creepy chant… thanks!

Rules say no listing the year. Sorry. :frowning:

NOpe. cause everyone would have to be wearing a goatee. Star Trek taught us this.

Hahah I love this.


Special thanks to “There’s No Place Like Home” and the Woot Outage for inspiration :wink: