Derby entry comments for Derby #64: Pets

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Aww… three-headed doggy of the dead. :3

For those who don’t know, yes, he had (has) a snake for a tail.

Time for my Walk

Whimsical dog with leash in his mouth letting you know it’s time for his walk.
Thanks for looking!

Option 1: toilet bowl flush
Option 2: cigar box
Option 3: fish heaven

I’d take Option 3 any day.

Spike is your loyal pet! Just don’t turn the collar inside-out!


He’s almost palace trained.

My very first lemon shirt! It’s not as scary as I thought.

This is an actual photo of my dog Scout. I love him and he loves his little red shoes! Enjoy, cuz I get to enjoy him every day… He is a great dog! (Especially in his shoes)

Oh no! They’re gone!


Hey evreyone,

A lot of nice detail on this one.

As always, thanks in advance for your support, comments, and votes!

I’ve often wondered what a monster would have as a pet :wink:

Here’s a close up of the work


Join the fun!!

My Lazy Pup

A snapshot of a pose in the typical life of a lazy dog.

poor little kitty.

Zedo’s Flyball Challenge

I have several customers and friends that do sporting events with their dogs…like Agility, Frisbee and Flyball. I had never heard of Flyball until I saw a show about it on the Animal Planet. It’s such a fun sport to watch and the dogs really seem to love it. If you haven’t seen it before Flyball is a dog sport relay where the dogs jump over a set of hurdles and then capture a tennis ball from a board at the end of the track, they then return with the ball and the next dog in the relay is set in motion. The dogs in flyball are pets first and competitors second and it’s quite clear at the end of the race that the pets enjoy the event just as much as the pet ‘guardians’. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

Every kind of pet likes to play with a tennis ball, don’t they?
please vote?


Love how the giraffe’s facial expression has more snobbery than the royal.

in Norse mythology, Odin (the Allfather of their pantheon) is known to have 4 pets. Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) the two ravens, and Freki and Geri whose names translate to Ravenous and Greedy, the 2 wolves.

Awesome just doesn’t get across how amazing this shirt is.

Sad, funny, and simple. Great use of those dots to add some texture- good decision! Good to see you back in a derby!